It is a fact that the world is in a financial crisis. It is a fact that many are losing jobs; that many have lost money; and many more will find themselves having to pay back loans that they do not have the money for. Every one knows that, but what are we doing about it? It is time for the world to look into some positives about the financial crisis because pointing out the negatives is not helping out anyone.

One positive of today’s situation is increased quality of products and services. Every company’s objective is to make profit and the financial crisis has made the global market even more competitive than it already was. Therefore, companies are making it their top priority to provide consumers with as good products and services as possible. Next, those who decide to buy stocks in a strong company will get an excellent deal. Once the crisis is over and the stock market is healed, stocks will be worth much more. Important to mention is the “cleaning” effect the global crisis has. The companies that are most fit for the job will be the ones to make it through. The weaker ones will be eliminated. The results will be efficiency and great innovations. Furthermore, people have started saving more, and more significance has been put to the green movement and conservation. Lastly, being laid off or having hours cut is not what most people would consider a benefit, but on the bright side it allows for more time for family and friends.

In conclusion, a bad situation can lead to good effects, so what should be done now is learn from the financial crisis and apply the knowledge: the money in your checking and saving accounts is yours; the money on your credit card is not.

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