We wanted to let you know about a free global virtual seminar on business strategies for China & India and how to leverage these economies for global advantage. This webinar is organized by ICA (India, China and America) Institute, a non-profit research institute working to foster research and dissemination of knowledge on the rise of China and India and their impact on global markets, global resources and geopolitics of the world.

The webinar will be from 11 am - 12 pm EST this Tuesday, February 24, 2009. Link to Register:

Here are additional details on the webinar:

"Most CEOs and their senior colleagues are well aware that the world’s economic center of gravity is shifting from the developed to the emerging economies, in particular China and India. Notwithstanding this general awareness, very few truly grasp the magnitude and pace of change and the multi-faceted nature of the new reality. Some of the most common mistakes include: viewing China and India solely from the lens of off-shoring and cost reduction, building marketing strategies that are centered around just the rich cities and the top 5-10 percent of the population, naiveté regarding the choice of local partners, and treating these two countries as peripheral rather than core to the company’s global strategy."

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