The city of Detroit, Michigan was once looked at as one of the strongest cities in the United States, but due to the decline of the automobile industry and financial problems it has become a bankrupt city with a large struggle. However, the resilience and pride that its inhabitants still portray is incredible. In this day and age where a lot of the manufacturing takes place in Asia, people still want to own products made in their own country. For example, Americans take great pride in driving a car or owning an appliance that is “Made in America”. What better way is there than to use a loyal population and hopeful city to brand a product? “Made in Detroit” is a phrase that could help the city of Detroit bounce back, while boosting sales for a company.

Shinola, a company that focuses its sales mostly on high end watches, uses its Detroit roots to brand its product. Salesmen believe that emphasizing Detroit in the branding gives the consumers a sense of hope that the city can rebound, and creates a brand that the general population will root for.  The product has expanded overseas, and luxury stores in countries like France and Russia have begun selling the product due to their appreciation for its Detroit roots. Chrysler is another international company that has utilized its Detroit roots in its marketing. The company explained the branding strategy to be the way it is because of the determination that the city portrays and the toughness it possesses. These characteristics are that of which a consumer will want to possess, especially in the car industry.

The strategy of using a city in marketing a product is being used all over the world. Using an underdog such as Detroit gives the population a reason to root for the success of a product, as is the case for Shinola and Chrysler. The price of a product can be overlooked when a consumer believes he or she is helping the city in its recovery. The city of Detroit boasts inexpensive, post-industrial locations for businesses to call home. There is still a long road to recover for the city of Detroit, but its resilience and pride have it on a good path as of now. What do you think are the keys to Detroit’s success? What do you think of using a city as a marketing strategy?

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