American universities are not cutting down on financial aid; instead, they are cutting down on students who need it. This year will be harder on students pursuing higher education if they need financial aid. According to a New York Times article, students who are “maybe-s” when it comes to acceptance are more likely to be denied if they need financial aid. Truly, there is more financial aid available for universities to award; however, there is also an increase in students who need it.

The high tuition prices have been an issue in the United States for many people. It is definitely a major factor when it comes to deciding where to go for higher education. Furthermore, where one gets an education is determines where one gets a job. It is essential for a country’s economy to have universities that graduate competent talented people. Education should not be denied to someone because they cannot afford it because even if it would be more profitable for universities in the short term, it will cost much more in the longer term. The way universities accept students needs to be revised. Does an ACT or SAT test portray what a student is capable of? When applying for a job, recruiters do not look at how you performed on exams; instead, they are concerned with whether you will contribute to their company with innovative ideas.

It is crucial that the labor force is made up of people with new ideas. Therefore, education should be made more accessible. Countries in Europe follow such philosophy. Higher education there is extremely cheap or free. In Germany, for example, students pay as low as 500 euros per semester in some federal states, and nothing in others. In France, graduation requirements are extremely strict but those who graduate are more prepared to join the labor force and contribute with good ideas which helps to keep the economy going.

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