Cybersecurity remains one of the largest concerns for many of today’s largest institutions. Hackers have become more prevalent than ever and are always finding new ways around the latest internet security precautions. There are many different kinds of information that these hackers seek. It can range from medical information from hospitals, staff and donor information from universities, or inside information from public or private companies. Whatever the targeted material may be, hacking is putting companies and even countries at risk to have this information stolen. Multinational cybersecurity corporations such as Cisco and Fortinet have tackled the task of creating cybersecurity systems to protect complex data and operating systems used by many institutions. As the internet grows every day, these cybersecurity platforms need to fend off new and improved cyber threats.

On the international spectrum, cybersecurity has become an important element of foreign policy. Recently, U.S. President Obama and China’s Xi Jinping met this week to discuss a cybersecurity pact protecting the internet infrastructure of the two countries. It has been proven that there are hacking groups whose sole purpose is to infiltrate corporate or government databases and obtain secrets. The Indian Prime Minister also spent a long time in the United States with Internet companies discussing how India can protect itself from hackers. Since the Internet was developed in the United States, the U.S. Government and corporations have a monopoly on the infrastructure and operations of the Internet. However, as more and more developing countries want power and governance on the Internet, they will need access to cybersecurity services and products. Foreign officials are worried that trade may be improperly conducted to restrict emerging countries' access to cybersecurity, therefore limiting their internet growth capabilities.

Improved cybersecurity and the growth of the internet will help drive international business to new levels. However, if hackers are able to successfully infiltrate and receive secrets from the encrypted databases of confidential organizations, then the growth will be severely limited. Do you think that hacking will ever slow down? Will cybersecurity be prevalent on an international spectrum in the coming years?

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