My last blog post summarized the negative effects that come from stress. The number of "super stressed" work environments is steadily increasing, especially in Asia . Here are some tips for managers on how to make the working environment more stress-free:

1. Listen to the suggestions and comments that the employees make.
2. Improve manager-employee communication.
3. Show appreciation for the hard work that has been completed.
4. Provide feedback – whether it’s good or bad.
5. Inform people whether their job is secure and make sure they know exactly what is expected of them.
6. Clear communication of policies is important so that there is no lack of focus.
7. Do not reward office politics but do not let it go unnoticed either.
8. Keep everyone well informed to avoid pervasive uncertainty.
9. Encourage proper time management and delegation of responsibilities so that there are no random interruptions.
10. Ensure that work is evenly divided and well prioritized. Both too much and too little work create stress.

It is a manager’s responsibility, as a good leader, to make sure that stress in the office is as low as possible. It will increase morale, which is crucial for the success of the business.

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