Located in the Global Resource Directory, globalEDGE’s culture resources provide information about greetings, etiquette, and gestures in order to increase cultural understanding and cross-cultural communications. The information provided can be useful for a businessperson or casual traveler, and these resources contain information regarding the business culture of a wide variety of countries. This particular section also provides globalEDGE online course modules that cover the topics of culture, international negotiations, and world religions to prepare a businessperson to do business abroad.

globalEDGE also provides cultural information by country on each country’s individual culture page. Culture Crossing, for example, is a resource that provides basic cultural guidelines as well as business and student etiquette. Norms relating to dress, meetings, and greetings are discussed in depth on this resource. These resources are especially helpful to businesspeople who have expanded their businesses abroad and need background information to prepare themselves for meetings with business partners from other countries.

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