In 2015, the NASDAQ is up 6.1%; thanks to its tech heavy nature, with companies like Netflix, Google, and Amazon traded on the exchange. “Some of the big Nasdaq names—Amazon, Google and Netflix—those stocks have powered the market forward this year,” said Robert Pavlik, chief market strategist at Boston Private Wealth LLC. He also added, “People were looking for growth in a very low-growth economy.” This plays a predictive part for 2016 when the population will be looking for the next fast rising stock by making them focus on the tech base stocks over other ones. In 2015 alone, Netflix has increased its share price by 140%. This rapid increase is the effect of Netflix being present in the daily lives of millions of users and its gained popularity over the last twelve months.

The NASDAQ has also had high performing stocks outside of the tech field this year. Many pharmaceutical companies saw their share prices increase dramatically. There has, however, been some doubt about biotech companies due to the statement made by democratic nominee candidate Hilary Clinton. Clinton said that she will lay out a plan to restrict “price gouging” in the specialty drugs market. Her announcement came in after she came across an article in The New York Times about a drug whose price was raised from $13.50 a tablet to $750. Concerns about accounting practices had also led to a sharp decline in biotech companiesThis was countered by encouraging third quarter numbers, which alleviated some of the pressure. Some companies experienced lucrative growth this year, such as Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc., whose share price increased by over 450% this year and the company is projected to maintain a high growth rate in 2016. These up an coming companies help improve the value of NASDAQ overall. 

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