Facebook has become quite popular among people from all countries and age groups. The website is very convinient and easy to use. Most importantly it is free. However, there are rumors that facebook will start requiring its members to pay for certain applications and there is a possibility that users will have to pay for having an account on facebook in the future.

There are some pros and cons to the website using a payment system. For example, those who make applications will have a chance of earning more revenue if users pay for benefiting from the applications. Furthermore, Facebook is considering using PayPal as a method of payment, which will be a benefit to PayPal. Thus some businesses will benefit if Facebook decided to implement a payment system.

The question is what will happen to Facebook users if there were charges? Many people would find other websites to use free of charge. Therefore, the website’s target users will be different. Currently, it is mainly used as a socializing tool; however, some businesses find it useful as well since the website is popular all over the world and offers a plethora of applications. If Facebook required its users to pay, is it possible that it will become a website for business advertising and socializing, or would it lose its business users as well?


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