Flying has been the dominant travel option in our lifetimes, mostly due to its speed. However, disgruntled travelers have often been fed up with the long lines, invasive security checks and the occaisonal canceled flight. In light of these issues, another mode of traveling has been attracting customers the past few months – luxury trains.

Luxury travel has not escaped the snares of the current economic climate, but the niche filled by luxury trains could be able to weather the storm. More than 25 countries operate high-end rail service on five continents, including Australia, Russia, and Canada. Many who can afford a trip on one of these trains now prefer it over flying. They see it as an excellent opportunity as to view gorgeous natural sites while relaxing in a spacious compartment.

The luxury train industry has been around since 1883 with the launch of the Orient Express and has been operating with tremendous success since that time. All of the trains have found profitability except for one – The American Orient Express which went out of business last year. People from Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States make up 70% of the market for the industry with preferred destinations in Asia and Europe. Some may not see the point of shelling out $17,000 to lumber about the countryside when an airplane would get you there faster and cheaper. To the luxury train travelers, it's not the destination they are interested in, it's the journey!

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