Gas prices have been fluctuating in the past few weeks without following a certain trend. The volatility is minimal however, when compared to last summer's record-setting high prices. Many people started using public transportation more often, or buying more fuel efficient cars. Others looked toward hybrids. This increased the pressure on car companies to produce zero-emission vehicles at an affordable price. Nissan was one of the companies to rise to the challenge. Spokespeople for Nissan express confidence when saying that their new electric car will sell exceptionally well because it is what the consumer wants.

The nature of competition between car manufacturers is changing. In the future the most successful companies will be the ones who can provide affordable, good quality, zero-emission vehicles. As many car companies are still suffering from the downturn in the economy, it is essential for them to focus on providing the public with the kind of transportation it needs. While some are on the right track, others might find it necessary to rethink strategies and re-structure themselves.

Details on Nissan’s plan to launch an electric car are provided by msnbc.


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