Now, more than ever, it is important for the business world to employ people who are willing to continuously grow and expand their knowledge. Technology is changing constantly and what is needed is people who can adapt to different situations rather than those who do things “by the book”. Furthermore, it is important that people learn to not be afraid of failure. A big mistake can cause someone to lose their job, but risk-taking can also lead to innovation and career advancements.

Managers should not be afraid to take on projects that are more difficult than their usual work because of the chance of failing. When a manger shows that he is open to the opportunity to attempt new tasks and to raise goals, he shows desire to expand his horizons. This way he will maximize his potential and lead a company to bigger success. It is also important to be reasonable when making changes. For example, in a high leverage situation it is better to stay within one’s current capabilities. However, in situations where the consequences of failing are smaller, it is better to take a risk and accept a challenge. This is a strategy that has worked for many successful businesspeople. When asked to list the top five moments when their career took a leap forward, most executives will list loss of job or a project that did not go well. This is because failing teaches us lessons and when overcoming particularly hard obstacles, we employ more of our potential. The key to success is in taking chances and being open to new ideas.

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