France is one of the leading countries with employees taking long vacations and working short work days. For the French, Sunday has always been a day to relax, visit family, or go to church. However, the government is trying to pass a bill making Sunday a working day for stores.

Some believe that if stores in the big cities and in tourist areas are open on Sundays it will be good for business and add a boost to the economy. This seems quite logical, since it will be more convinient for tourists and will also increase the income of those working. However, many disagree with the idea. They are used to regarding Sunday as a work-free day. Therefore, in order for the idea to reach its desired success, it is necessary to keep workers enthusiastic about work on Sundays.

Good ways to achieve this are paying overtime for those working or having only the ones who want to work on Sunday to do it. An important feature in the success of businesses is excellent customer service. Therefore, if employess show positive interest in working Sundays, many stores will see their revenues increase and this will lead to boost in the economy.

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