The current recession has impacted almost every sector of the economy, and hamburgers are no exception. In an environment where top quality matched with most appealing prices is the key to success, many restaurants are re-thinking their menus by including and re-imagining what the burger should be. Therefore, top chefs around the world are viewing the burger as the latest test of their culinary skills and ingenuity. Also, in some restaurants, the quality of their burger is what decides the ultimate fate of the restaurant, especially in these uncertain times.

Some restaurants are offering burgers made with shrimp, lobster, smoked salmon, and even mushrooms. Even though the hamburger originated in Europe and has become a signature part of American cuisine, its innovation is worldwide. For example, in Japan some places offer a tempura burger made of squid and scallops, while in Australia you can get a burger made out of kangaroo meat.

So why is it so important to note this new advance in burger-making? First, restaurant management is showing good decision-making skills by taking something as simple as a burger and bringing it to a new level of taste appeal that is worthy to be put on the menu of some of the best restaurants world-wide. Second, it is good for business especially when many tourists would like a meal of something familiar in a foreign country and the many options of healthy burgers would most definitely be preferred over pizza or other fast food. Lastly, it promotes innovation, and innovation is the only way to succeed in the current economy. New ideas lead to change which is much needed to turn the fortune of many businesses around.

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