PowerPoint presentations have been used in the Western world for the past 25 years and all of us have seen a plethora of them. Now, many developing countries are starting to rely more and more on PowerPoint to present information as well. As the world becomes more and more technology and service based it is only natural that we will see an increase in the use of PowerPoint. However, not many of the presentations are enthusiastic. Chances are that the majority you've seen were boring. Good PowerPoint presentations can be the key to bringing improvements in a company. This is because they are easy to create and provide a convenient way to present information. Furthermore, they can be used to educate employees, to present ideas, to point out errors, or map out new ways to achieve goals. These are important things to companies. However, for the presentation to be successful, one should beware of a few things.

First, eye contact is crucial. A presenter who has his back to his audience is not likely to keep their attention for long. Also, fewer and shorter slides make it easier to pay attention.  Another key factor that many forget is to include images in the presentation. If there is too much text, the audience will try to listen and read at the same time and will not be very successful at either. Images on the other hand attract attention. Moreover, one should be careful with the amount of information in the presentation - beware of information overload. Bullet points allow for many details to be included, however, this does not mean the audience will be able to absorb all of them. Lastly, come prepared for the presentation - plan it carefully and do not ramble.

PowerPoint presentations are a key choice when presenting information. They can be of great aid to employees and ultimately the company. They are a good way of communicating ideas and goals, however, if done incorrectly they can do more harm than good.

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