The Trade North America Conference, happening in Detroit this week, is a great opportunity for the Midwest regional business community to learn about today’s trade climate. Underscoring the importance of the event, Undersecretary of Commerce, Dennis Hightower and former Governor of Michigan, John Engler will be speaking. The focus of the conference is to equip businesspeople with information which will enhance their ability to successfully export products to Canada and Mexico.

A plethora of topics will be covered at the conference including trade finance, customs and immigration, and the North America Free Trade Agreement as well as logistics. Given today’s economic climate, it is more important than ever for companies to diversify the source of their revenue. Canada and Mexico present excellent opportunities to export products and avoid significant overseas transportation costs. Trade North America will highlight these opportunities.

Although the educational seminars will not be in short supply, the application of the information is equally as important. U.S. Diplomatic Officials will be present at the conference to offer counseling to attendees seeking advice on specific international business challenges. From “New to Export” clients to seasoned exporters, the firsthand insight and “in the trenches” knowledge provided by the diplomats will immediately apply the educational concepts and put them into practice.

For more information on this event, please visit the event website.  Other resources are also available on our website, including learning modules which cover the basics of exporting, microfinance, market research and many other topics.

Stay tuned this week for more great posts on issues covering trade, including customs and regulations, NAFTA, and more!

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