Have you visited the Business Review section of globalEDGE recently? If not, this would be a great time to start, as the second article in the 2014 Volume 8 edition has recently been released. What is the business review and what is its target audience you may ask? The globalEDGE Business Review is a collection of monthly comprehensive articles that focuses on major international business matters. The review examines a topic question and pieces together international research that includes a breakdown of background information, introduction of the topic issues, analysis of different characteristics in business operations, and offering strategic solutions in an abridged fashion. The review also includes helpful aids such as graphs and data tables that help visualize and support key points. Based on professional and highly acclaimed international research, feature topics target business executives with the purpose of identifying key areas of development, whether marginal or major, that can have a positive effect on business operations.

Be sure to check out the Business Review under Get Connected, and in our monthly globalEDGE Newsletter, and equip yourself with powerful business knowledge that can aid in your business success.

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