Ethiopia is one of the poorest nations in the world. However, they have seen GDP growth in each of the past 7 years. One of their major businesses is livestock, but recently they have been suffering due to animal smuggling. Livestock is an essential part of Ethiopia’s economy. They exported about $53 million worth of animals last year, but unfortunately, criminal activity is cutting into the small country’s profits.

Criminals from neighboring countries are smuggling live animals across the border and then exporting them to the Middle East. The Ethiopian farmers are pushing the government to make stricter laws about this and improve enforcement. The government has already attempted to help farmers by converting several acres of land into rangeland to assist the leather goods sector of business, in hopes of doubling these exports. Previously, they only exported raw skins to Europe and Asia, but there are now several tanneries and factories that increase the diversity of products that the country can produce. Countries such as Germany, Italy, India, China and the United States now buy shoes that are produced in Ethiopia.

There is a lot of potential for business in Ethiopia, especially with livestock, but first there is a need for better regulation on crime.

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