This week, the globalEDGE blog is taking a look at the leisure industry. Each day, our blog series will explore different areas of the global leisure industry, which includes recreation, entertainment, sports, and tourism. Globally, the industry encompasses a wide variety of businesses and companies, from major hotel and resort companies with locations around the world to small mom and pop shops. With the many sectors and businesses, the industry has a major impact on many economies across the world.

One of the major sectors of the industry is tourism, which encompasses all businesses that depend on visitors and travelers. This sector makes up over 10% of the world’s GDP, showing just how valuable the leisure industry is. In many countries, sports leagues are an integral part of the culture, which explains how the sports sector is valued at $145 billion globally. For many of us, the leisure industry is part of our daily lives, from listening to music, watching movies, or buying sports equipment and apparel. For this reason, we hope this week’s blog series will be both interesting and informative.

Make sure to check back with the blog this week for the rest of our leisure industry series! Tomorrow, we will be exploring the recreation industry, and later posts will include a look movie industry, sports industry, and the changing business for musicians.

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