“Sustainable Development” has quickly become a term used by companies across the world to explain efforts addressing the use of natural resources.  Generally speaking, the concept describes how a company can increase its efficiency, thereby reducing its overall impact on mother earth.  The demand in the marketplace to solve energy-related issues is growing, based on recent changes in global governmental policy.

Recently, Doug Berry, a Program Manager at the U.S. Commercial Service, hosted an interview with a colleague, Stephan Crawford.  Stephan is an Office Director at the San Francisco U.S. Export Assistance Center and an expert on clean technology.  The discussion revolved around the advent of new companies that are developing solutions to reduce the use of natural resources.  Stephan highlighted the growth in the sector, as well as the opportunities that are currently developing in global markets such as Turkey, Vietnam, China, India and many others. 

The discussion between Stephan and Doug provided some great insight into the future. Stephan made the point that clean technology is much more than just an industry; it spans across many different sectors including water, energy, design, transportation and advanced materials. Solutions to environmental problems are more critical and global than ever.  As this clean technology develops and matures, it will be fascinating to see how innovations can not only change the amount of energy used, but the influence this change will have on product design and corporate strategy.

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