Each day, millions of people fill up reusable water bottles during school, sports, and work, continuing to grow the trend of ditching clear plastic bottles for their refillable—and more environment-friendly—counterparts.  Fueled by an increase in online shopping, reduction in overall price, and easy accessibility, the consumption of reusable water bottles across the globe is estimated to reach 3,902,642 thousand units in 2017 alone.  The implementation of these types of bottles into sports and travel shows the most opportunity for the market to grow, finding more efficient and practical ways for users to store and drink water without negative health and environmental impacts.

As of 2016, the global reusable water bottle market reached 7.6 billion US dollars and is expected to expand at 3.6 percent to 10.4 billion US dollars by the year 2025.  Specifically, the Asia Pacific region is predicted to own a leading 34.3 percent of the worldwide market—followed by North American and Latin America at second and third, respectively—and the metal segment of water bottles is forecasted to account for 33 percent of the total material share.  Companies like Gatorade are currently experimenting with “smart” water bottles—a market that should reach 48.7 thousand US dollars by 2025 and grow at an astounding 32.2 percent—that incorporate technology such as sensors that track an athlete’s real-life analytics and mechanic devices that filter or break down the liquid that is dispersed from the bottle.  Designs like the “smart cap” continue to intrigue a society that exhibits a growing hunger for new and improved products and aim to set the tone for the future of hydration.

Overall, the reusable water bottle market is trending upwards and should continue to experience a steady rise throughout the next decade.  With increased efforts to maintain our environment, the introduction of new and improved technology, and the cost benefits that reusable bottles bring, they figure to play a large factor in the upcoming wave of market trends.


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