It’s that time of year again! All over the world workers are bustling around, working hard to prepare for the upcoming holiday season. Online retailers are rushing to get everything in order for the big day – “Cyber Monday”. This is the first Monday in December and also the most popular day for online shopping. This year, expectations are high and hopefully, so will be sales.

We all know that online shopping has become increasingly popular in the recent years, but this holiday season, it may be even more prevalent. In the United Kingdom, Amazon is expecting an increase of over 20% in sales over this time last year. With an extensive array of products, and the ease of getting everything in one place, Amazon is a popular destination for many online shoppers. In anticipation for all of these holiday orders, they have hired hundreds of extra workers.

High online shopping rates also bring shipping companies good news. With purchases being made all over the world, these companies benefit from the increase in the online store sales. Sending gifts to far off relatives also increases revenues for these companies during the holiday season. Amazon UK has contracts with several different delivery firms who are ready to handle all that this season is expected to bring.

Retailers that are not online have been hit especially hard by the recession. This is not to say that online stores have not been effected by the global downturn, but they seem to be bouncing back much quicker. With people being more concerned about price, the internet allows them to see deals in hundreds of different stores to compare products and prices without ever leaving their home. This makes online shopping much more convenient and often a better deal. Online retailers all over the world are hoping for much higher numbers than last year.

While it is hard to imagine the holiday season without taking a trip to the mall and searching for the best deals, avoiding the traffic, the lines and the insanity is definitely a bonus of online shopping.

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