Last week, the Government of Sierra Leone, together with the Department for International Development, the World Bank and the United Nations got together for an investment conference in London, showcasing the opportunities for doing business in Sierra Leone. Over 500 ruputable companies and 1,000 participants were in attendance.

President Ernest Bai Koroma was up front and honest. He said that the African continent has a myriad of problems, especially with necessitating humanitarian and other charitable assistance. Sierra Leone just ended a decade-long civil war back in 2002. But since, they have come a long way. It looks as though President Koroma and the rest of the country's leadership is ready to stamp out the corruption that has impeded their country and the rest of Africa's growth for years. The investment opportunities are as strong as ever. Now is the time to commit to Sierra Leone. The country has enjoyed the fastest improvement in political stability in the world over the past few years. Just last year it was named the 'easiest place to open a new business' in West Africa by the World Bank.

There are many opportunities and areas to invest in Sierra Leone. They include energy, fisheries, agriculture, mineral resources, tourism and mulitple more. One of the staggering figures that may put investors over the top however, is that youth make up around 60 percent of the country's entire population, the largest in sub-Saharan Africa. They are the key to sustainable business growth, and the youth in the country have showed much determination in participating in national development, even though many of their families were hurt by the war. It is expected soon that the government will set up the National Youth Commission, to better equip the youth to participate effectively in the labor market. I believe that now is the time to invest in these African countries that are hungry and ready to grow.

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