The 2010 FIFA World Cup is coming to South Africa. Along with it are several business opportunities! As the most popular sport in the world, football brings countless opportunities for many industries to take advantage of. The World Cup in particular attracts business people from all over the world because of its expansive publicity and popularity.

Soccerex is a business convention for football professionals. It is taking place right now (November 28th – December 2nd) in Gauteng Province, South Africa. The conference is a five day event where football executives from all over the world network, learn and socialize. Thousands of football business leaders are hoping to showcase their products and sign deals at this event.

While football is a simple sport, a lot of effort is needed to turn it into a massive international event. That is where business people come in. Football touches numerous industries including commerce, training, design and event management, logistics, marketing, manufacturing and construction. The opportunities that it creates are extremely profitable and expansive. The World Cup has always been a way to unite the world through sports, and now the same is true for business.

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