Started in September 2008, this year marks the 10th anniversary of the globalEDGE blog!  The globalEDGE blog was started as a way to better interact with our users by sparking discussion on current and developing topics in international business. Over the past ten years, the globalEDGE team has written thousands of blogs spanning a wide array of international business topics. The blog has also provided our diverse team of authors a platform to share their unique perspectives and outlook on the business world.

To celebrate this anniversary, the globalEDGE blog will be looking back at our most popular blogs of the past ten years. Despite being a few years old, these top blog posts are just as relevant in today’s global business environment as they were when originally posted.

The blog posts to be featured in the upcoming series are as follows:

Time is Money: How Time Zones Impact International Business

Understanding Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries

The Effects of Refugees on Host Countries

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