As the globalEDGE team returns from our short break, we have just one question for you: how much do you think you know about international business? The globalEDGE team has recently updated the International Knowledge Quiz with the latest data. Test your knowledge with a ten-question quiz covering everything from "which country has the highest export rate" to "which country is home to the largest seaport?". You will receive ten different questions each time you take the quiz, coming from our extensive question bank of over 100 hand-selected questions. Once you answer, you will receive more information after that question and a place to read more about the topic! So, if you think you're up to the task of seeing how much international business knowledge you know, take the quiz!

To find the quiz, go to our "Tools and Data" tab at the top of globalEDGE, click on "Test Your Knowledge," and then "International Business Knowledge Quiz." Or, click the link here.

Good luck!

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