As social media keeps dominating our world, there is no denying that it has also collided with many different industries across digital marketing. One of the specific digital platforms that has made a dynamic change over the past few years has been TikTok. They have gathered a massive following with a staggering 1 billion monthly users as of 2023 and will only continue to grow. There is no doubt that with the number of users on this platform, they will have the leverage to keep increasing their profits by gathering new up and coming creators and touching more specifically on the music industry.

Streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music have given many people access to various music more than ever before. TikTok is the source used to introduce new and trending music every month. Their algorithms have been helping artists gain attention from users interested in the genre and staking up that streaming revenue from hearing different versions of the music. The artists of the songs and the content creators using the pieces are making money by using certain music in the videos people create. Specific examples can be seen in artists such as Doja Cat and Lil Nas X, who created the popular songs “Say So” and “Old Town Road”- which became TikTok audio sensations.

Both songs vaulted the artists to heightened levels of success in the music industry. TikTok’s feature of in-app monetization has helped creators reach new milestones and gain individual followings. Who knew that having just 1,000 views in a video would earn people a few cents through monetization? The system has attracted record labels to utilize it by creating campaigns and challenges in the platforms for the public to participate in as a way of supporting the artists or the creators.

TikTok’s constant new approaches to their crafts have taken notice by major record labels around the world. Their influence has led to their licensing deal with Warner Music Group to help the artists under the label generate new alternative ways of revenue. This can include ticket sales, merchandising, promoting new music and many other collaborative features through their strong relationships. This followed up TikTok with their streaming service, launched in July of 2023, called “TikTok Music.” Making its debut in Brazil and Indonesia, it is currently in the Beta phase but will soon be available to the world.

International growth through TikTok has been successful in many countries for the past few years. Western countries getting introduced to Asia’s trending songs have been a common occurrence for the past few years. One of the most prominent genres getting noticed is K-pop, coming from South Korea. With major group artists such as BTS, Enhypen, and STAYC promoting their latest music each time it gets released, no doubt using TikTok has helped boost their marketing through dances and fan interactions. It’s the aspect of companies having access to new heights to promote their groups achieving high on the music charts in South Korea and internationally. All are getting developed from TikTok itself.

But not only are we hearing the latest songs being released on the platform. We are also bringing back old songs, such as the widely developed genre called “city pop” from Japan. The retro vibe of the music caught the attention of Western users, leading to songs such as “Stay With Me” by Miki Matsubara, to resurface. Although initially released in 1979, it went viral on TikTok, and the sound was used over 23 million times. This shows the power TikTok has in its users and how different cultures in music collide with each other from the past to the present.

Overall, TikTok will continue to grow its popularity through music and will keep the audiences engaged for the subsequent upcoming releases. The music industry will keep developing through the platform, with marketing starting to become the new norm of this generation.

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