Over the last year or so, we’ve been working on a few different projects that we hope will make globalEDGE more useful to more people. A couple adjustments were implemented only recently, and I’m sure you’ve already noticed a few changes in your day-to-day browsing experience (the new formatting and sorting options in Resource Desk are my personal favorites thus far).

But today we would like to introduce a new subsection in gE Academy: the Community College Portal. The whole point of the Academy section is to provide resources for academic professionals, educators, and students who are interested in enhancing their IB experience through classroom resources, job postings, conferences, internship opportunities, etc. The Community College Portal is essentially the same idea, but just a little more specific! After surveying faculty from across the country at the International Business Institute this year, we developed a section that would not only bring more attention to resources that currently exist in Academy, but also focus on the needs of community colleges that wanted to improve or start international business programs.

The Community College Portal contains a wide variety of helpful resources, including community college grants, conference listings, professional writing resources for students, and study abroad information and funding. But our main objective in designing the portal was to help schools internationalize their campuses and courses- this means finding ways to help students gain that “global perspective” and become aware of their role in our global economy. Based on this goal, we carefully chose resources that can help guide instructors in the right direction, including academic studies about community colleges and globalization, classroom resources, curriculum guides, reading lists, and lots more. Between these community college specific resources and the abundance of IB and academic resources available through globalEDGE, community college faculty have the tools and information they need to start making significant changes in the way they prepare their students for whatever lies beyond graduation!

Keep in mind that the portal is still in its nascent stages- there are still things that we’re working on behind the scenes to make it as useful as possible. That being said, feedback is always welcome! As always, our primary objective is to make globalEDGE as useful to our visitors as possible, and we can’t do that without a little advice every now and then. Enjoy!

You can check out the Community College Portal by visiting the Academy section.

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