Companies around the world are working to come up with products with innovative designs and ideas that are also extremely valuable to society:

1. Alive & Kicking is a British organization that makes considerably inexpensive, durable, and repairable sports balls using resources local to the areas in the African regions where the products are distributed. The products are not only good for business in Africa, as their making involves the labor of previously unemployed African adults, but they also provide informative messages about diseases common in the area.

2. The Bike dispenser is a Dutch system that allows people to rent bikes in an easy, affordable, and time efficient way. All the consumer has to do is become a member and scan the membership card at the dispenser's reader. Then the bike can be used for up to 20 hours. The system is a great invention because of how effective and efficient it is.   

3. The Intel Mobile Clinical Assistant is a portable computer device that can store, process, and organize patient data. It has wireless networking, digital camera, and a bar-code scanner that can be used on IV bags and medication bottles. This product will soon become one of the most used and practical electronic devices in the medical world.

The business world as well as society can benefit from such products. Social responsibility is an important business practice it today's world.


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