Tokyo, Japan is famous for the outrageous fashion designs that are found not only in expensive boutiques, but all over the streets as well. The Harajuku street styles are known for being extremely unique and inspire fashion designers all over the world. For years these distinctive looks have sparked global trends, but many Japanese designers still have not taken advantage of their designs’ popularity.

While many global trends begin in Japan, most of the actual clothes sold around the world are not from the Japanese designers. Many Japanese clothing items are bought by European designers and slightly reworked, then sold under the new label. This does not produce large profits for the original Japanese designers. Many of them would like to sell their designs around the world but simply don’t have the resources. However, it looks like that will be changing soon.

As Japanese local fashion sales are declining, these designers will need to look to international markets as the place to expand. Of course, this will not happen all at once. Luckily the Japanese government, specifically the Foreign Ministry, has decided to help. The plan is to appoint “ambassadors” to represent Japanese fashion brands overseas. This will give the Japanese designers a chance to be represented to help expand their business.

These designers have proven that they have the innovation and skill to make it big on an international scale, now it will just take the effort to do so. It will take hard work and a redesigning of their business plan, but there is no doubt that these Japanese fashions will be successful around the world.

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