Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. unveiled its new enormous cruise ship last month. It has been named ‘The Oasis of the Seas’, and rightfully so. Onboard passengers will have access to countless restaurants, clubs, spas and bars. They will be able to try surfing, scuba diving, zip lining, or even see a Broadway show. These are just a few of the activities that are available on this colossal ship. Obviously, customers are extremely excited about this new ship.

The Oasis of the Seas was built in Finland and just completed its journey across the Atlantic. It took the help of several design firms, architectural firms, engineers and Royal Caribbean’s design staff to complete this massive ship. Advanced technology is integrated throughout. There are interactive screens as well as several other safety features and despite its size it is actually one of the ‘greenest’ ships in the water.

There are certainly high hopes for this new ship, not just because of its size, but because of what cruising itself has to offer. Cruising has become increasingly international, and has grown over 7% worldwide each year for the past two decades! While many cruises do leave from the United States, most of the cruise officers are Norwegians, Italians, Greeks, Dutch and British. On The Oasis of the Seas alone the crew is made up of 2,165 workers coming from 71 different countries. Cruising is definitely beginning to be a global trend.

It will be interesting to see whether the launch of more advanced and flashy cruise ships will change the vacation industry as a whole. Currently only about 5% of vacationers decide to go on cruises, but with so much to offer in one place, that might start to change. Hopefully there will be smooth sailing for The Oasis of the Seas as it will soon take off with over 6,000 guests on board.

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