It is finally here! China recently opened a chocolate theme park in Beijing. It contains five indoor pavilions with controlled temperature so that the chocolate does not melt as well as two outdoor sites. They offer displays of various chocolate made objects such as replicas of the Terracotta Army, the Great Wall, famous paintings, and other items such as shoes or sports equipment, and a full size BMW. Tina Cheng, who will be operating the park, said that visitors will be offered a full chocolate experience - they will be able to see, touch, taste, and purchase the different chocolate items. 

The theme park is a strategic step in China's path to developing its food and beverage industry. Chocolate is not as popular there as it is in Western countries, however, the younger generation is getting a taste for it. Therefore, it is a good investment. Many prestigious chocolate makers from European countries such as Italy, Belgium, and Switzerland have realized the potential Chinese market holds and therefore have expressed interest in joining the chocolate theme park project.

The chocolate park will generate revenues due to various factors. Its location will attract many tourists as it is placed in the Olympic Green where the Olympic Games were held in 2008. It is expected that over 10,000 visitors will be visiting the park each day and the park organizers are hoping that the park will lure a million visitors before April when the park will close due to warm weather. Do not be worried - it will reopen in January with newer displays!

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