“Ladies and gentlemen welcome aboard flight 283 nonstop service to Tokyo. Our flight time today is 11 hours and 45 minutes. Please make sure that all carry-on items are....”

You got the lucky middle seat in coach, with a bonus of an infant two rows behind you. As you prepare yourself for a long 12 hours of no communication with the rest of the world, suddenly, there is a glimpse of hope. The flight attendant just announced there is Wi-Fi internet available. Things are looking up.

If trends continue in the next couple of months, this dream we’ve all fanaticized about should come true for many regional flights. As far as domestic flights go, about 700 commercial airliners in the United States are offering Wi-Fi internet for a reasonable fee. This opens up so many doors, not only for entertainment, but for business as well. Business professionals can communicate with other colleagues, finish up an email, or do research – all while flying 7 miles up in the air. With Wi-Fi, even business video conferences are doable.

To some, airtime may be the only chance to escape the office. However, as internet has become more prevalent, many have grown accustomed to getting their information how they want it and when they want it.  Wi-Fi will allow you to check things off the company “To-Do List.” Now a five-hour flight doesn’t have to be dead time. You could eliminate five hours of work that you would spend in the office by completing it on the plane.

There are several technological advances predicted for 2010. Wi-Fi on planes is just the start. With all these improvements and innovations, running an international business will become easier every day.

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