The business of online dating has been around for years and while it works for some, others find it intimidating or impersonal. Therefore, Gao Shan had a new creating idea. He opened a market called "I'm Looking For You" in Beijing.

The love supermarket is an actual place that gives singles the opportunity to meet others in person. The business has been in operation since November 2009 and so far has attracted more than 1000 clients and successfully matched more than 50 couples. 

The supermarket charges on 20 yuan which is enough to cover basic operational costs as there are plenty of clients. The business is expected to grow as many singles view is as a convenient and easy way to meet people.

Providing a dating service is not a new concept, however, Gao Shan found a way to innovate it in a way that will attract the attention of more customers. Many just go because they are curious about it or to accompany their friends. The main method of marketing and advertising is word of mouth, which is fitting for this business as it is about creating relationships among people.

A simple idea can go a long way in the business field as long as it is something that meets customer's needs. This is well exemplified by My Shan's business idea.

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