You finally landed a job in these tough economic times and now you are learning your new role, meeting new people, getting used to environment and trying not to get lost on your way to the copy room. The last thing on your mind is the fact that in today's world anyone can be held accountable if there is a corporate scandal. Therefore, it is crucial that you familiarize yourself with your company's expectations, policies, and regulations. Whether working at your home country or in a foreign place, knowing the particular ethics code of the company can save your job.

There are some things that just "slip" or were not meant as a way to put the company in a tough position, but a small mistake like this can lead to grave consequences. Here is some advice on how to avoid such a situation:

1. Good Record Management:
If you are working with records, make sure that you are not concealing or destroying customer information due to carelessness or on purpose.

2. Privacy and Security:
If you need to bring your work home, talk to a supervisor to ensure it is allowed. Carrying certain information, such as customer confidential data, on portable devices such as flash drives or laptops is not advisable.

3. Some Basic Guidelines:
Never bend the rules. Just because "everyone else is doing it", does not make it right. Do not accept a double standard. Support company policies.

Ethics is an important issue. With business expanding, it is even more crucial to abide by ethical and moral codes.

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