The US Department of Commerce and United Parcel Service (UPS) have announced that they will work together in attempts to increase US exports. They are hoping to increase local jobs by expanding businesses internationally. This may seem contradictory, but the hope is that small and medium sized businesses will be able to find new markets to thrive in internationally, therefore increasing the need for jobs back home.

If American products are more readily available all over the world, it will spur economic growth and create more jobs in the US. Before this can happen, business owners need to have the know-how to expand their markets. That is where UPS comes in. They will analyze the companies’ situations and use the knowledge they have of international markets to match them with new export opportunities. After UPS makes its recommendation, the US Commercial Service will assist the companies in creating a business strategy and finding buyers in the designated countries. This will help companies get started exporting so they will be able to increase profits.

When starting a new business it is usually simpler to keep it local, but the international market is where it can truly expand. In order to reach their full potential, smaller businesses need to look at different places to sell their products and services. The task of selling around the world seems daunting at first, but now there is help. So don’t be afraid to export, rely on the expertise of others to help you expand your business!

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