When choosing a major, one that most students do not consider is ice cream making. However, in Italy it is a field of study that has seen an increase in enrollment.

There is one university located close to Carpigiani that is dedicated to instructing in gelato making. Since the economic downturn has started it has seen an 89% increase in enrollment. Many executives who have been laid off from all over the world have been looking into switching their career to ice cream making and opening their own gelaterie in their home countries.

As a BBC video depicts, gelato is known as the best ice cream in the world. It has been a tradition in Italy to pass the knowledge from father to son. Now, however, the business of gelato making is expanding. It will be interesting to follow its projected success as it is moving away from tradition.

Gelato ice cream is sold in many countries, however, a gelaterie operated by someone who graduated from the Italian institute will increase competition between ice cream makers. Having these credentials will further be helpful to the owner to attract more customers and thus increase the popularity of the famous Italian ice cream in foreign countries. Also, different makers are experimenting with the flavoring in order to adapt it to their own culture. For example, in China there is fish-flavored gelato.

The increased interest in gelato making has the potential to lead to interesting changes in the food and beverage industry throughout the world.

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