Would you like to spend four fun-filled days tasting mouthwatering foods and sipping on delightful drinks in Birmingham, United Kingdom? For many Food and Beverage industry lovers, I’m hearing screams of “Yes!” Since much of the world is experiencing long months of wintery weather right now, the Food and Drink Expo 2010 from March 21st through 24th may be just the pick-me-up you need.

In the Food and Beverage industry, the dairy sector is the largest, followed by baked and cereal items, and chilled foods. For the beverage section, you have both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. This industry is viewed as one that is mature and competitive, and it relies on advertising to promote brand names. A great way to advertise your products are through expositions like the Food and Drink Expo.

Many buyers and suppliers will attend this event as well as leaders from the wholesale, foodservice, retail, and manufacturers from food & drink markets. So what is there to do at these types of events? Visitors get the chance to hear specialists discuss what is going on in the industry today. You can also be introduced to award-winning chefs and find out some tips from the best-of-the-best. If you need more to spark your interest, remember I mentioned tasting mouthwatering foods and delightful drinks? Well, there is a tasting theatre and a live demonstration kitchen!  The industry’s experts will fill you in on what makes a product so successful.

If you would rather be an exhibitor, book a stand and prepare for business! This is a fantastic place to get your brand name out there. Create long term relationships by holding face-to-face conversations with 23,000 buyers from the wholesale, foodservice, retail and manufacturing market. Many businesses have done so well at these expositions that they not only get new business, but these new accounts cover the costs of business!

I’d say this is a great event for both visitors and exhibitors. You can’t go wrong with learning new tricks, trying new foods, and tasting new drinks. In return, businesses get to show off their brand and expand their accounts.

If you enjoy reading about these opportunities, take a look at other events coming up.

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