When planning a trip one of the first things to consider is what type of transportation to use.

The most popular method for long distance trips is flying. Air travel is still a large industry even though it recorded huge losses last year and the year before. It has also played an important role in promoting international business through the years as it has made international travel more convenient.

Moreover, for those who travel for pleasure and would rather enjoy a long trip, there are other options. Cruises for example have become more popular with the economic downturn as well as luxury trains. Both of these methods offer many amenities such as spas and restaurants to make the customer comfortable. While cruises are quite popular in the United States, luxury trains are more widely used in Europe and Asia. In those continents sales remain strong.

Looking into transportation for short distance trips, there is a wider variety. It is important for different cities and areas to identify their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to transportation. For example, gondolas - long narrow boats - are appropriate for Venice due to the structure of the city and its many canals. Dogs and skidoos are popular in Alaska and sea planes in the Maldives. And in Thailand people use tuk-tuks which are small cars with three wheels. 

The most used method of transportation remains driving automobiles. As air pollution and traffic jams have become an important issue in many large cities, however, in recent years the face of transportation has changed. More and more cities are putting a larger emphasis on public transportation and promoting walking and biking. For example, in Paris one can rent a bike from the many stations in the city. The next phase of this project is to be able to do the same with electric-powered cars.

Offering comfortable transportation and reducing air pollution and gas emissions are the goals of most companies in the industry.

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