Approaching business challenges requires an open mind and willingness to take a fresh look. This couldn’t apply better than to opening new export markets. An interview with the U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shed light on the opportunities opening in the Middle East. The Ambassador provided an insightful view of Saudi Arabia which presents great opportunities for businesspeople to view the country as a place to export.

It all began in 1945 with a renewed relationship between the United States and the King of Saudi Arabia, King Abdul Aziz. Since then, the country has experienced significant population growth as well as improved social and political climates. In fact, Saudi Arabia is in the process of creating 250,000 graduates of a vocational school. Education is paramount to the country’s development and will fundamentally change it from a purely oil driven economy to one that is more diverse moving ahead into the future.

The next question on your mind: But isn’t it hard to get started in the Middle East? Actually, Saudi Arabia is a capital rich environment where companies feel comfortable both manufacturing and selling products that are highly sensitive to intellectual property (IP) rights protection. As part of the current administration, IP protection has gone up because of the educational initiatives. Instead of stealing technology, the country is able to create its own.

If you are considering new countries in which to export your products, keep an open mind. Saudi Arabia is an example of a great opportunity for the right company to come in and provide solutions. China, India and Russia have recently earned over $19 billion in business that has traditionally gone to American firms. This is the time to regain confidence in the partnership that originated over 50 years ago.

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