McDonald’s Corporation is now starting Hamburger University in Shanghai as a place to train the latest generation of managers.  This decision is influenced by the fact that China is McDonald’s fastest-growing global market, increasing 10 percent annually. Part of this growth is because collectively, Chinese spend nearly 300 billion dollars a year on eating out at informal restaurants.
As China’s focal point has been to develop local managers, Hamburger University will help hone in on these goals.  Contrary to initial thoughts, these business professionals will not be flipping burgers and dipping fries, they will learn how to run a successful business. This in turn will contribute to the overall growth of China’s economy, and expand international business opportunities.

Within the next five years, five thousand people are expected to graduate from the university. Many will pursue business opportunities within McDonald’s Corp., some will pursue further degrees, and others may take the knowledge they have acquired to begin a successful business of their own. 

Overall, this expansion will create more jobs in China, and better prepare future business managers.  Not only will graduates of this university leave with a better understanding of how to run a local business, but they will know how to have a great international business as well.

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