Quality wine is produced and consumed all over the world. It is custom in so many different countries to have a glass of wine with dinner, serve it at gatherings, or drink it socially. It has become a huge industry worldwide. What is fascinating now is how the industry is constantly evolving.

Currently the largest wine producers in the world are Italy, France, China, the United States, and Spain. All five of these countries have been major players in the wine industry for years. But while these countries may produce the most wine in the world, they are not necessarily the fastest growing.

Hong Kong is an excellent example of growth in the wine industry. Previously, many of the Asian countries had little interest in wine. However, recently the wine industry in Hong Kong has grown exponentially. Tusar’s 8th Estate Winery is the only wine producer in Hong Kong at this time, but growth is certainly anticipated. The Chinese wine market is also expected to grow to $1 billion in the next seven years.

Wine has been a staple for many meals around the world for years, but now it is becoming even more than that. Argentina has made wine into one of its major tourist attractions. People from all over the world are coming to stay at vineyards in the Mendoza province. These resorts offer quaint rooms that overlook the vineyards and mountains, wine tastings, spa treatments and so much more. They have taken wine and turned it into a popular tourist destination.  

So who will be the biggest competitor in the wine industry in the future? Are there any undiscovered markets? We’ll have to wait and see, but one thing is for sure, the wine industry has certainly gotten better with age.

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