Singapore has grown tremendously in the last few decades. They have one of the highest population densities of any country in the world. The Singapore government has devoted large amounts of time and money to urban planning to make this a possibility. They have used urban planning to make them globally competitive and increase their economic potential. Not only this, but they have also built an extremely environmentally friendly city. This makes their expertise in urban planning even more appealing. Now, they are looking to share that expertise with other cities around the world.

Four years ago, the Singapore government created a department specifically designed to offer advice to other major cities on urban planning. So far they have worked on over 100 projects! They have worked with Brazil, Oman, and Dubai, just to name a few. The ultimate goal of this operation is to establish good relations with other countries to allow Singapore businesses to expand globally.

The relationships that are being developed through this project will have a tremendous effect on business in Singapore. Since it is a recently developed country, it needs a lot of help with establishing international relationships. Luckily, the Singapore government has been willing to help. It has been estimated that the work that the government has done has brought $40 million into Singapore’s economy in the first two years of the project alone! They are expecting this success to continue as more and more projects are brought on.

Kigali, the fast growing capital city of Rwanda is also looking to Singapore for help with development. There are several American and European cities that are certainly well developed and would be great role models for expanding cities, but Singapore is mainly appealing because they have been able to stay ‘green’. That is why Rwanda is seeking their help for expansion.

It will be interesting to see how much of an impact this program will have on Singapore business in the coming years. They are certainly getting a lot of attention for urban planning and hopefully it will translate into more traffic for local businesses!

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