After the devastating earthquake in Haiti this January, a global effort has been made to rebuild the country. The hospitality that was shown to the hurting country has been inspiring. Haiti is certainly still working to rebuild its country, but luckily people around the world are seeking to help create a better economy for this small country.

Mangoes provide so much to the country of Haiti. For years, many have supported their families by farming and selling this fruit. However, there is a lot of room for growth. The current system used for farming mangoes in Haiti is very primitive. The farmers climb the trees and pick the fruit themselves. This makes it hard for them to be very efficient. The conditions in Haiti also don’t help the farmers. The roads are so bad that up to 60% of the mangoes picked are lost on their way to the cleaning facility. Cutting losses needs to be a major focus for these farmers in order to increase their exports. In addition, many Haitian farmers are not knowledgeable about trade and how they could thrive on the international market.

Still, the Haitian farmers are very interested in evolving the way they do things. They are looking for new ways to pick the mangoes that will make them more efficient and more profitable. Currently, the U.S. imports almost all of the mangoes from Haiti, but many other markets could be tapped into with the right approach.
Now, Cola-Cola is working with TechnoServe, a non profit organization, to organize their Haiti Hope Project whose goal is to boost the income of thousands of mango farmers in Haiti. They are working with farmers who have potential to expand the number of trees that they are currently farming. Coca-Cola will also work with the farmers to export the fruit in addition to using it for their new line of juices. They are also striving to organize the farmers in Haiti to work together so they can be as profitable as possible.

With the reconstruction of the country, the Haitians are looking for a lot of economic growth as well. The mango exports will certainly play a part in that recovery. There is so much potential for mango exports, they will hopefully see growth soon!

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