This week is National Small Business Week in the United States! This yearly tradition began in 1963 and has continued ever since. Its objective is to recognize how small businesses contribute to the growth of America. This year’s Small Business Week conference began Sunday and just finished up today. Some of the topics discussed at this year’s conference were ‘turning innovation into jobs’, ‘taking your business global’, and ‘social media and small businesses’.

With millions of small businesses in the United States, and across the globe, they play a major role in this ever changing economy. Many of the best innovations and inventions can be credited to small businesses. They allow individuals to better put their ideas into action, allowing creativity and inventiveness to thrive. Not only do they offer a unique atmosphere for innovation, they provide more jobs than you might expect. Small businesses currently employ over half of Americans and are responsible for creating up to 80% of new jobs! Needless to say, small businesses play a very large role in our economy.

Many are cautious to begin their own business in the current economic conditions, but there are so many great things coming from these start ups. While they may not have the resources that large corporations do, small businesses still have a lot to offer. Luckily, it looks like the spirit of entrepreneurship is still catching on!

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