Indonesia and Vietnam have decided to team up to boost their local tourism. The two countries already have put effort into increasing the trade between them.  Indonesian companies have invested in over 20 different projects in Vietnam. Now, they want to continue into the tourism industry.

Both of these countries have several popular tourist destinations. They are hoping to feed off each other by working with airlines and travel agencies to encourage tourists to go to both countries on their trips. They are working to coordinate with airlines in each of the countries to arrange for direct flights between the countries more often. This will make it more convenient for tourists wanting to go to both destinations. Travel agencies could then promote both countries for one trip.

Not only do they plan to team up on tourism, but there is also hope that this movement will also increase trade between the two countries. The increase in tourism should also help both Indonesian and Vietnamese businesses experience growth and will hopefully encourage people to return to these destinations. The travel industry is very dynamic, and working with other countries could be the key to becoming a popular tourist destination. Both Indonesia and Vietnam have high hopes for the venture.

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