With the excitement of the World Cup evident in South Africa, there is also great pride and unity among locals.  The energy of the World Cup has spread all over the country, and has even hit the poorest areas.  This energy has provided harmony among citizens and although many areas in South Africa are still suffering, right now everything is about football.  Problems such as poverty stricken homes and jobless citizens still exist, but they are being put on hold for a very important event for South Africa.  During the game between Mexico and South Africa, over 3,000 locals gathered in a park to enthusiastically watch the game. The World Cup has greatly improved the moral of South African citizens. 

Along with poverty and discrimination in South Africa’s past, the location for the World Cup was also questioned due to a lack of infrastructure in the area.  Much hope has been brought to the area with hundreds of hotels being built, and a large railroad system that will stay long after the games are over.  Other improvements have been made as well.
The World Cup is predicted to largely improve business in South Africa.  It is estimated that the games will offer 695,000 jobs and increase South Africa’s economy by 93 billion dollars. Tourism will also increase, as many people travel to South Africa to watch the games. It is estimated that 373,000 people will visit the country, each spending around $200.  If these predictions are accurate, the World Cup could end up greatly benefiting the South African economy.

It looks like the World Cup has contributed to more than just football fans.  The games have also helped South Africa financially and improved its overall unity. 

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