The first round of the World Cup has definitely been cut throat so far! But the action on the field has not been the only competition centered around the world cup. In our blog series last week we talked about how sponsoring the world cup and advertising during it is not only extremely expensive, but very competitive as well. Any international sporting event brings the opportunity to bring global attention to your brand, product, or even country. The 32 countries that have a team representing them in the tournament have an advantage for international exposure, but other countries aren’t out of the game yet.

China does not have a soccer team representing them at the World Cup in South Africa, but they certainly are not far from the action. Anyone who has watched any of the games knows about the infamous vuvuzelas. They are the horns that seem to be constantly sounding at every game. But who makes them and where do they come from? China! This manufacturing giant is responsible for yet another world wide trend. They produce 90% of these noise makers. These horns have become more popular than Guang Da Toys, a large producer of the vuvuzelas in China, ever anticipated. Luckily for them, it has lead to huge profits with thousands sold already! 

While the horns may be inspired by Africa, it is China who is benefiting from them. China is definitely enthusiastic about soccer, and they have been able to use this World Cup to excel in business, despite not being represented by a national team. These horns may be an annoyance to some, but they are a great business success for China.

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