We all know that China is a place full of innovation, business growth, and a giant work force. However, they have not been known as an extremely ‘green nation’. But now, they are attempting to make the future of business more environmentally friendly. The China Greentech Initiative was started about two years ago and was designed to encourage innovation in the green technology sector in China. Both the U.S. and Chinese governments have made climate change commitments and are both striving to be more sustainable.

The China Greentech Initiative is not only helping China to be more sustainable, it is getting countries from around the world involved as well. It is also creating jobs, which is very exciting in this struggling economy. This Initiative has also brought together dozens of companies from several different countries to offer diverse perspectives and bring together the best minds. This will bring great success to the businesses that are involved and will provide collaboration opportunities for businesses across all sectors.

This is good news for businesses in China because it means that innovation will continue to thrive and new business strategies will arise, now with an environmental focus.

Doug Barry for the U.S. Commercial Service recently discussed in depth the China Greentech Initiative with Bryan Larson, David Wang, and Ellen Carberry who have all worked closely with this project. To listen to the full podcast or simply read the interviews, click here!

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