Recently, Ernst and Young released a report highlighting the top global trends affecting business today. These are the key issues that business leaders should be looking at right now:

1. The increasing political and economic dominance of emerging markets will cause global companies to rethink and customize their corporate strategies.

2. Climate change will remain high on the agenda as companies seek to explore resource efficiency to improve the bottom line and drive competitive advantage.

3. The financial landscape will look vastly different as increasing regulation and government intervention drive restructuring and new business models.

4. Governments will play an increasingly prominent role in the private sector as demand for greater regulation and increasing fiscal pressures dominate the agenda.

5. In its next evolution, technology will be driven by emerging-market innovations and a focus on instant communication anytime, anywhere.

6. Leaders will need to address the needs and aspirations of an increasingly diverse 21st century workforce.

It would be of great benefit for the leaders of businesses to plan and respond to these trends over the next decade. That will help them become the market leaders of tomorrow.

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